5 MORE Tips to help you Win Slot machines

#6 – After the casino empties and resets the machines they are often more likely to payout

We’re not a hundred percent sure why this happens but you will notice where they do shut down an area of the casino and they’re switching out all the money and they’re opening the machines and then they’re readjusting them and resetting them. Then they are ready for a play on. This is often done early in the morning at casinos and if you can get on those machines, it will cause the machine to pay. Vice-versa, when they do have to open the Machine and switch something, switch out the paper or something like that, we had heard some stories with a machine pays right after that and so that that is an interesting thing though it’s something to keep in mind and it’s something you might want to look for.

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To Win, You Need to Learn Odds

When creating odds, a bookmaker looks at nine-ten different factors for that horse race. They will look at the jockey, they’ll look at the actual trainer, the form of the horse, it’s breeding, all these amazing different extras that they have to take into account. From that, you get a price next to each and every horse in the race. Now obviously the favorite will be even money shot 2 to 1 which is the lowest price you can get. As you go out, the less and less likely we think it is the higher the price, so you might get hundred to one which means if you put one pound on you’d win a hundred. Sometimes the bookies do get it wrong, and horses with a hundred to one have won big races, so you look at the odds and from that, you’ll see whether you think it’s good value. You can go for a middle-level shot about eight to one ten to one, which is eight times your money or ten times your money, but at the lower end the favorites which are where most of the money goes, you can go as low as 8 to 11, which is for 11 pounds on you win only 8 so you have to be very sure that horse will go on and win.

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Do Not Listen to Tipsters – Part 2

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Where tipsters are going wrong? They’re not pinning a probability on the chance of something happening and you’re sort of saying, well I don’t understand probability, I’m not interested in that. That’s fine because that’s not necessarily your job. If you’re receiving advice from a tipster, what they should be able to do is tell you if there’s value there, and they should be able to nail that value for you as well, so one of the things that I’ve learned over a very long period of time is you can find value. The problem you have now is this variability.

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Do Not Listen to Tipsters – Part 1

TLDR: Tipsters. Don’t you just love them? NO, we don’t, because most of them are wrong and they always miss off the most vital piece of information that you need.

When you’re looking at betting on a variety of different sports and there’s one defining characteristic that you should be looking at, that will determine whether you have a good bet or not, but you know there’s plenty of advice available so why not take some of that.

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Sports Odds Calculation Methods

On the 18th of August 1913 at the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco, a roulette wheel came up black 26 times in a row. During the sequence, some gamblers practically bankrupted themselves betting on red, feeling certain that the change of color must be due. The also 26 consecutive spins of a roulette wheel each being black is about 145 million to 1, but if you think about it the fact that it happened wasn’t remarkable. The run no 26 consecutive blacks was no more or less likely to occur than any other possible combinations when you spin the wheel 26 times. The lesson of the 26 blacks that day, is that anything can happen, and will happen if you wait long enough. It’s a lesson that we take to heart between sports where our motto is, we put numbers on everything, and by everything we mean everything. Even the really really unlikely things as generators of our own in-house odds for sports events, we never get tempted to think that it will never happen. We don’t guess we like being specific. We take inspiration from the roulette wheel when we price up sports events such as this summer’s FIFA World Cup, and it has inspired a style of modeling that we use extensively at game sports a Monte Carlo. Setting up a simulation of an event like the World Cup and running it many times on a computer they’ll see how likely the different teams are to win it.

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