5 MORE Tips to help you Win Slot machines

#6 – After the casino empties and resets the machines they are often more likely to payout

We’re not a hundred percent sure why this happens but you will notice where they do shut down an area of the casino and they’re switching out all the money and they’re opening the machines and then they’re readjusting them and resetting them. Then they are ready for a play on. This is often done early in the morning at casinos and if you can get on those machines, it will cause the machine to pay. Vice-versa, when they do have to open the Machine and switch something, switch out the paper or something like that, we had heard some stories with a machine pays right after that and so that that is an interesting thing though it’s something to keep in mind and it’s something you might want to look for.

#7 – Don’t get married to a machine if it doesn’t pay

Yes, simply find another. You don’t have to fall in love with your machine if your machine is not paying. You can just simply walk away, find another machine. Chances are that you’re not gonna that machine does not pay in a day, but you’re just not gonna be a winner.

We’ve all got into that mindset that stubborn mindset when we’re gonna teach this machine a lesson we’re gonna win and you just end up giving a lot of money away so I would recommend playing the machine for a while if you do get a bonus hour to ball is to say and it’s not playing very well it just might. It might tend to walk away or if it’s not giving you the bonus after you put in a decent amount of money and then it’s just time to walk away and find another machine. That’s probably gonna be your best advice.

#8 – Paly for the bonus

A lot of people give us this tip and it is “play for the bonus” and cash on if it pays you well. This is a strategy that some slot players deploy and it’s to play the machine because most of the time we’re trying to win a jackpot or we’re trying to get the bonus and the bonus will give us another round of a chance to win some extra prizes, and generally, the biggest payoffs are during the bonus round. So, if you can catch the bonus, if you could play the machine for a while and get the bonus, and the bonus does pay you well, where you come out with a pretty good profit. A lot of people recommend cashing out at that point and walking away trying to find another machine taking your profit instead of trying to reinvest in that machine, because if you get a bonus at these well it’s unlikely that the next one’s gonna pay is good, so that’s maybe the time to cash out.

#9 – fueling fighting

If you have been playing the machine for quite a while and it’s not hit the bonus. this is one of the times one of the players recommended increasing the bet size. The thinking behind this is that the machines will pay the bonus and they’re designed to pay bonuses, so if you play the machine for long enough you are going to get a bonus eventually. Sometimes, they come more frequently than other times so if you’ve been playing the machine for quite a while and it’s not had a bonus, it’s pretty much going to hit that bonus. You may in this position want to start increasing your bet size. It could be a little painful in the short term but it could become out with a nice profit.

#10 – play machines where you can win the jackpot with the minimum bet

The minimum bet can win the jackpot. Excuse me with the minimum bet and sometimes you’ll walk by these machines and you’ll see a big gun, you know at the top of this thing, you’ll see $5,000 or super jackpot or something like that or 4,800 or whatever the amount is, and some of these machines it will say down at the bottom or somewhere, and unfortunately, that looks really really exciting but you can’t win those jackpots unless you’re playing max bet and Max bats can be a high amount. Some of these machines requiring you to put $5 $10 bets so we don’t like to play those machines. Again, we’re talking more smaller players play those machines where you have a chance at that jackpot, even if it’s a small chance with the minimum bet and that’s really cool that you have that chance to win that jackpot again. With those some major miners on some of those machines, you can win that major jackpot even if it’s only $500 with a minimum bet and it’s always fun to have that chance to win that.

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