5 awesome tips to help you Win Slot machines

#1 – Watch for someone who has lost a lot of money in one machine

If you see someone playing a certain machine in losing quite a bit putting a lot of money in that machine, it’s generally thought of, that the next player has a pre chance of winning though this is something I look at and the person that’s coming into that machine after someone has dropped a lot of money in the machine and will increase your on its of winning, maybe recouping some of that person’s losses and it will be a win for you.

#2 – Get a player’s card

If you’re not familiar with the player’s cards is if you’re if you plan to the casino, you can normally have a card they will that you can insert it to the Machine and it will keep track of your play and it will give you rewards. Most people that I’ve talked about believing that the card has some kind of effect on the outcome of the play. The casinos will tell you, no, but we tend to differ with that, so a lot of people feel that if you in a player’s card in a casino especially if it’s a new casino you’ve been to for the first time, it’s generally thought of that they would like to let you win the first or second time, so it’s very common that if you get a new player’s card that you will have better success.

I would also encourage you to get multiple players cards and have different cards if you can switch, if you’re losing with one card maybe switch to another card, maybe your husband or wife’s card or something like that, and if all else fails you can try to play with no card.

Some people say they have better success playing without the card though these are all things you can try.

#3 – Machines will sometimes hit in the first few spins

This is something to keep in mind. This is something I’ve noticed sometimes from my slant play, that if you put money in the machine and the machine seems to want to pay that day and you can sometimes pay off very quickly, I will get that bonus or I’ll get that jackpot in a short amount of time, so this is a strategy some people use. They will play different machines and they will not spend a lot of time on one machine so, for instance, you could put $20 in a machine and if it doesn’t hit within that 20 dollar amount you can move on to another machine because a lot of times it just seems like that they will pay right away and if they don’t pay right away and it’s just not the day for that machine, but this is another strategy that people like to employ.

#4 – The minimum bets can be profitable

I know we all like to go for that big jackpot but you can play the smallest amount and you can actually win quite a bit of money in some of these machines, and you know that’s the thing if they’re gonna pay they’re normally gonna pay and it doesn’t really matter if you have a small bat or a large bed and the thing about playing small is you’re going to lose a lot less if you do have a losing session as if you’re playing max bet you’re gonna lose much much more rapidly and you’re gonna deplete that bankroll much more rapidly.

I can give you some examples of this because there are often times that I’ll be playing a small bet and I’ll get the bonus and the person next to me has a larger bed and my bonus pays more than theirs so it doesn’t guarantee that if you have a large bet especially into the bonus round that the bonus is going to pay all that much more, so you know you can final small bets and you can make some money. Again, it’s supposed to be entertainment.

#5 – look for minor and major jackpots that must pay before a certain amount

Some of these machines have some modes. They have some minor or major jackpots, a small and a large one. Normally, some have to pay before a certain amount, they can only go to a certain limit and then they must pay. These are normally random as you’re playing the machine for each bet it gives you a chance to win. This minor/major jackpot and most of the players say they drop down and they just show up on the screen so I don’t know where so, for instance, the minor jackpot at some of these penny slot machines will have a limit of fifty dollars and they have to pay before fifty dollars, so if you see this around forty-five to fifty dollar range you know it’s getting close to where it must payout. That’s going to increase your chances of picking up that a little minor jackpot and then the major jackpot, of course, pays much less frequently. Unfortunately, it is difficult to win but it’s not impossible and they will pay sometimes at a maximum say $500, so when those machines get up into that high 400 range 470, 480, 490 or above, there’s a lot of people that are interested in playing those machines because it’s close to paying out that major jackpot. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get out of the machine when it’s close to that, I would recommend trying it and it doesn’t guarantee that you’re gonna win but it does increase your chances of winning or winning a large check.

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